Ellah Lakes

Oil Palm Production
Cultivation of 2,400 Hectares for Oil Palm in Edo State, Nigeria
Cultivation of Soybean, Maize, Sorghum and The Establishment of a Staple Crop Processing Zone (SCPZ)
5,000 Hectares for mixed cultivation of Rice, Cassava, Maize & Soybean in Enugu State
Production of High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF) and Local Cassava-based Derivatives.
5,000 Hectares for the Cultivation of Maize and Cassava in Ondo State.

Ellah Lakes PLC is the First Agribusiness Company to be Publicly Listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Staple Crop Processing Zone Strategy


Target is to build an integrated agro-industrial park over the next 5 years to consolidate on the Company’s primary production base whilst enhancing investment attraction as a multi-asset player

Land Bank

Build a land bank of over 30,000 ha across multiple locations for the cultivation of various cash and high value crops across WestAfrica

Equipment Base

Develop a robust base of equipment that will fit into the Company’s integrated processing agenda and support the processing zone development


Focused strategy to develop local communities, empower outgrower farmers and create a collective development push for the sustained growth of the business

Ellah Lakes Land Bank YE21

2,400 Hectares in Edo, Nigeria.

5,000 Hectares in Enugu, Nigeria.

5,000 Hectares in Ondo, Nigeria.

2,800 Hectares in Ekiti, Nigeria.

20,000 Hectares in Ghana By YE2023.