Ellah Lakes


Ellah Lakes - Building Sustainable Agribusinesses.

Until 2016, Ellah Lakes Plc engaged in fish farming. We produced and marketed fresh water fish, until the company ceased commercial operations due to unrest in the Niger Delta region.

The company, listed on the Main Board of the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE) was founded in 1980, by the late Senator F. J. Ellah, and is headquartered in Benin, Edo State Nigeria.

In May 2019, Ellah Lakes completed the acquisition of Telluria Farms. This acquisition refocused the corporate mission of Ellah Lakes on the production and processing of Cassava, Maize, Soya and Oil Palm into their derivative products. With the acquisition, Ellah Lakes owns a land bank of 2,400 hectares dedicated to the production of Oil Palm. Ellah Lakes is currently embarking on an aggressive mission of rapid growth to develop Staple Crop Processing Zones (SCPZ) in Nigeria.

Since 2020, Ellah Lakes has expanded by acquiring 5,000 hectares in Ondo State and 5,000 hectares in Enugu for the development of a Staple Crop Processing Zone (SCPZ) and the production of rice, Maize, Cassava and Soybean. 

Ellah Lakes works towards achieving 4 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Addressing the challenges of food security for Africa’s single largest population and regional demand.

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Supporting the well being of local communities through out- grower programmes focused on female small-holder farmers

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Deepening female participation across the Agribusiness value chain and commitment to building a gender balanced executive team.

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Deploying sustainable practices to support environmentally friendly production